Azienda Celestino Pecci

A legacy of passion

The Pecci Celestino Estate is named after its owner, who responded to the call of the land – so generous and yet so demanding – and purchased two farmhouses and about 40 hectares of land, going against his family’s ideas about what he ought to do with his life!

Celestino was born in a farmhouse close to the beautiful Romanesque Abbey of Sant'Antimo, about 5 kilometres from Montalcino.

At that time, in the post-war years, people were abandoning the countryside in pursuit of the dream of city life.

The story of Pecci Celestino Estate is a story of sacrifice and love, beginning in 1968.

A family with deep roots

Celestino’s parents Guido and Maddalena dreamed of a different future for him: an office job in the city. It was a time when many people were abandoning the countryside for the city; a time, just after the war, when all gains were made through hard work and commitment.

Selection of exquisite wines

Discover our extraordinary collection of wines, an ode to tradition, dedication and the art of winemaking. Every single bottle has a unique story to tell: a story rooted in the ancient traditions of Celestino Pecci’s family.


Every sip of our wines tells a story of centuries of tradition and innovation. Whether you love intense reds or prefer the lightness of a well-balanced white, our selection has an unforgettable tasting experience to offer you.

Harmony between people and nature

Tiziana doesn’t think of sustainability as a passing fad, but as a very important responsibility. She has worked tirelessly to implement ecological agricultural practices and reduce the winery’s impact on the environment. Responsible use of natural resources and respect for biodiversity are the pillars of her mission.