The Estate

A story of dedication and tradition:
the Celestino Pecci Estate

The Pecci Celestino Estate is named after its owner, who responded to the call of the land – so generous and yet so demanding – and purchased two farmhouses and about 40 hectares of land, going against his family’s ideas about what he ought to do with his life!

Celestino was born in a farmhouse close to the beautiful Romanesque Abbey of Sant’Antimo, about 5 kilometres from Montalcino. The times were very different back then, and his parents Guido and Maddalena dreamed of a very different future for their sixth and last son, an office job in the city. It was a time when people were abandoning the countryside in pursuit of the dream of city life; in the post-war years, every little gain had to be conquered with hard work. But Celestino decided to rewrite his own story. The story of the Pecci Celestino Estate begins in 1968, and it’s a story of hard times and sacrifice, but also a story of love and dedication, with a happy ending… Celestino didn’t do it all alone: he always had his family at his side, and his wife Idria, who made every harvest into a true celebration.

A business is born between the walls of the Abbey

Memories in the vineyard

Ours is a simple, traditional family, and we always remember our roots; this is why one of the vineyards is named after Maddalena, Celestino’s mother, who passed away in 2000 but lives on in memories of days spent together, with folk songs and stories of childhood. The winery is still the same, but at its helm today is Tiziana Pecci, working under the proud and watchful eye of her father Celestino, who sees reflected in her his own passion for the land.